Mixed Rinks Champions - Greg Sperring, Christina Harris, Brenda Burgess and Nige Thomas
Mixed Rinks Runners Up - Bill Barrie, Gail Cleaver, Chad Kiernan and Phil Woodhead
Mixed Trips Champions - Penny Pym, Trefor Evans and Velia Wood
Mixed Trips Runners Up - Dave Dickinson, Maria Morawiec and Jack Pym
Ladies Pairs Champions - Gail Cleaver and Brenda Burgess
Ladies Pairs Runners Up - Annie Jones and Maria Morawiec
Gents Pairs Champions - John Pittaway and Chris Salter
Gents Pairs Runners Up - Nige Thomas and Alex Muir-Dick
Mixed Pairs Champions - Jean Mclaughlin and Chris Salter
Mixed Pairs Runners Up - Bill and Maureen Barrie
Drawn Aussie Pairs Champions - Graham Marshall and Dave Dickinson
Drawn Aussie Pairs Runners Up - Richard Potts and Tony Scott
Novices Singles Champion - Jeff Stevens
Novices Singles Runners Up - Robert Samson
Veterans Singles Champion - Alan Phillips
Veterans Singles Runner Up - Trefor Evans
Mixed Singles Champion - Alan Phillips
Mixed Singles Runner Up - Dee Hamilton
Ladies Singles Champion - Maria Morawiec
Ladies Singles Runner Up - Jill Nobbs
Gents Singles Champion - Greg Sperring
Gents Singles Runner Up - Keith Hamilton
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