We have a Defibrillator at the Club, it is situated between the bar and the kitchen entrance. It is a high tech piece of equipment and will talk you through, in English, what steps need to be taken. A number of us underwent a short training exercise with a qualified paramedic on Monday afternoon including CPR and the importance of dialling 112 asap reporting all relevant information.
The Paramedic advised that anyone needing the emergency service for our location we just say “INN ON THE GREEN” all ambulances have the facility to find us from just this information. Also have someone standing at the entrance to the car park to guide the ambulance onto the property. Here’s hoping we never need to use it, but comforting to know it is there should it be needed.

If a cardiac arrest is suspected, it is paramount that CPR is applied as soon as possible, this can keep someone alive until the defibrillator can be used or the paramedics arrive. Watch below for further instruction.

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