Carol & Ken Davey with Morris Jones

Competition Report

The Europa Easter Triples open competition was played this year under a different format. The reduction to 3 days proved to be an inspired decision, as we were extremely lucky with the weather. Our luck would not have held out for another day. The vast majority were happy with the 10 end, back to back format and fun but competitive bowling was enjoyed by all. Out of the 30 teams entering, Match & More and Breeves contested for the final spoils, which coincidentally were the same two teams as last year. The result however was a reversal of last year and Match & more emerged as the winners. This team was made up of Carol Davey, Ken Davey and Morris Jones. The runners up team comprising of Chrissie Reeves, Denis Reeves and Brian Collins made a valiant attempt, coming from behind to level the scores on the final end, only to lose on the extra end played. The quality of bowling was quite exceptional. Our thanks go to Gemma Broad, representing Europa, who attended to present the trophy and prizes.

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