Tim Woodcock with Jackie & Dave Roberts


Sheri & Jim Fletcher with Jean McLaughlin

Spring is here and that can mean only one thing….the SOLAR IN SPAIN sponsored Javea Easter Trips, a much anticipated competition of three fun filled days of competitive bowling mixed with a touch of humour. 28 teams were divided into 4 groups and the winner of each group went through to the semi final stage. Each group played five 10 end games over 3 days with no trial ends and all shots counting, daunting even for the experienced bowler. Organised by Judy & Alan Travers the competition ran like clockwork and each day bowlers arrived to find treats had been left on their table. The first day it was easter eggs, the second day hot cross buns and the third day fruity chews. Each one was enjoyed and much appreciated by all who indulged. The teams of Matt Taylor, Yvonne & Dave Carvath and Velia Wood, Chris Evans & Clive English both won their respective groups but were beaten in the semi finals. The two finalist teams were Jean McLaughlin with Jim & Sheri Fletcher and Jackie & Dave Roberts with Tim Woodcock, the latter team winning to lift the cup. After the competition was over, tasty tapas were supplied by Jan Bigsby courtesy of SOLAR IN SPAIN.

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