Derek Eldon

Squad Captain 2020/21

Vice Captain

Velia Wood

Squad Captain 2020/21

Derek Eldon

Telephone 666605815

Vice Captain: Velia Wood

Telephone 676218624

Arrangement for adverse weather conditions:

In case of inclement weather:-

First – Check your email.

Second – If still in doubt – RING DEREK or VELIA between 8.15 & 9.00 am.


ALL GAMES 9.30. FOR 10.00. Opal scores FIRST
Mon 12 OctoberEl Cid SwordsAway8-22-0 (25-6)
Mon 19 OctoberCalpeHome10-0No Match
Mon 26 OctoberJavea Green ONYXAway8-22-0 (28-9)
Mon 2 NovemberFinca GuilaAway6-42-0 (20-11)
Thurs 12 NovemberJavea Green QUARTZHome0-00-0
Mon 16 NovemberBBC TigersAway0-00-0
Mon 23 NovemberBBC JaguarsAway0-00-0
Mon 30 NovemberEl Cid SabresHome0-00-0
Mon 7 DecemberBonalbaAway0-00-0
Thurs 14 JanuaryEl Cid SwordsHome0-00-0
Mon 18 JanuaryCalpeAway0-0No Match
Thurs 28 JanuaryJavea Green ONYXHome0-00-0
Mon 1 FebruaryFinca GuilaHome0-00-0
Mon 8 FebruaryJavea Green QUARTZAway0-00-0
Mon 15 FebruaryBBC TigersHome0-00-0
Mon 22 FebruaryBBC JaguarsHome0-00-0
Mon 1 MarchEl Cid SabresAway0-00-0
Mon 8 MarchBonalbaHome0-00-0
Opal Squad 2020/21
Lynne EldonDerek EldonJan PhillipsAlan Phillips
Jean McLaughlinChris SalterNige ThomasJohn Coates
Penny PymJack PymGreg SperringGail Cleaver
Dave DickinsonDave GardinerVelia WoodTrevor Evans
Matt Taylor

OPALS unbiased match reports are written by Alan Phillips.

However, the same rules apply as last year, if you want a favourable mention in my “unbiased” reports please leave a 5 euro note in my socks.

2nd November Finca Guila 4 – 6 Opal

This week we travelled to Finca Guila, a rink that a few of us haven’t played on since they withdrew from the Winter League. I would imagine this evening, that a few of us will be quite happy not to return! Let us just say, “that it was tricky” and leave it at that.

No such problems for our Challenger team over on the dreaded Rink 1. Doreen Cornthwaite came in at lead and mastered the ditch side and laid the foundations for Jan & Jack, who were very grateful. Our team took the lead on the third end and never looked back, winning 20-11.

At the opposite side of the green on Rink 5, Jean also led superbly and with Dave playing well the shots added up steadily, then Chris joined in! This team did even better than the Challengers, leading from the very first end and then picking up 13 shots without reply in the last 5 ends, to secure the bonus points for the overall shot difference.

The team Skipped by Velia were level at 9-9 at the halfway stage but at this point had only won 2 ends, so perhaps the writing was on the wall for the remainder of the match. The second half saw them win only 3 more ends and they went down 14-21.

My team settled quickly into the match and led 15-6 after 11 ends and despite a spirited fight back from the Finca team, that saw the gap narrowed to 15-12, were able to hold on to win 19-14.

Derek said that he was pleased with the overall performance of his team, BUT they just couldn’t get any shots on the board. After 13 ends they had won just 4 ends and trailed 5-18, surely game over. But hold on, a 5 on the 14th followed by 5 more shots on the next 3 ends and the score was 15-18, they couldn’t pull off a miraculous comeback could they? No they couldn’t, why did I bother getting excited, they dropped a 4 and lost 15-22, not even close.

So that was that, 2 wins 2 losses, the bonus points for an overall shot difference of plus 7 and a third win for the Challengers. Move on and stay safe.

26th October Onyx 2 – 8 Opal

Wow, how windy was that at 10am this morning! Chairs, scoreboard covers, leaves, in fact just about anything that was not nailed down was moving, someone even thought that they saw my wallet on the move! Rink 2, notoriously troublesome to many players, saw my team caught out by the conditions and we dropped 5 shots on the first end. Halfway through the second end we were calling for the sheepdogs to come and round up the woods, but fortunately the game settled down and we all bowled some good woods. After 9 ends we trailed 8-10 but then we found another gear and won 7 of the remaining ends to record a 19-13 victory. Rink 3 saw Chris Salter Skip for the first time this season and this match saw his team get off to a flyer, picking up 4 shots on the first end. After 9 ends this game was locked at 10-10 but once again the Opal team had the better of the second half, winning 8 of the 9 ends and romping home by 26-12. On rink 4 Velia’s team lost 5 of the first 6 ends to trail 3-10 but then fought back winning the next 7 ends to lead 14-10 and looked set to pick up 2 more points. Unfortunately the opposition had a different idea and the scores were all square going into the last end at 15-15. We held shot, but Mick Gilbey drew his first wood close to the jack and it proved good enough to snatch the victory. The challengers match was drawn on rink 5 and Nige Thomas moved across from his normal position of Lead to Skip the team and this was yet another match where the Onyx team settled first, opening up a 9-5 lead after 8 ends. Our team then had an incredible run of form winning the remaining 10 ends on the trot and posted a very impressive 26-9 win. Our Captain’s team were drawn on rink 6 and looking at the scorecard were never really in trouble, not like the rest us! They won 11 of the 18 ends and won by 18-12. So, why did 4 of the 5 teams struggle in the first half of the match, was this because we were the away team and couldn’t get used to the fast pace of the green or was it nerves following the threatening letters that had been nailed to our front doors by the Onyx hit squad, perhaps we will never find out! Our next match is away to Finca Guila, now I really do need a route map for this venue, having got lost on several occasions trying to find that narrow country lane. Hope to see you there.

19th October Opal 10 – 0 Calpe

Our first match home match saw us entertain Calpe, who apparently are suffering this season with selection, as some of their experienced bowlers haven’t returned from the UK following lockdown. We all enjoyed their company and had a really pleasant morning’s bowling in perfect weather. Alan Phillips team were always in control of the match and led 15-4 after 11 ends. On the 12th end the opposition Skip played a running wood and sliced the jack to his woods to pick up 4 and double their score. This turned out to be just a minor blip as our team ran out winners by 23-11. Our Captain, Derek Eldon, had to pull out of the team at the last minute with a back injury, so Dave Gardiner replaced him and Jan Phillips came in at two. They were involved in a really tight match and after 8 ends trailed 4-8. With plenty of encouragement from Dave and some good bowling from all of the team, they managed to reduce the deficit to just 2 shots after 13 ends. The next two ends were crucial as our team picked up a 4 and a 2 to take the lead and ended up as 17-14 winners. Velia Wood’s team only lost 4 ends all match and the eventual score was 25-6, a great result. In similar vein, John Coates played with Chris Salter and Dave Dickinson and also enjoyed a massive win of 27-7. Nest week we are away to Onyx, does anyone know the way?

12th October El Cid Swords 2 – 8 Opal

Our first match of the new season saw the Opal squad travel to play El Cid Swords. We received a warm welcome from their Captain, Jill Glastonbury, who then talked us through the Covid sanitising processes before the match kicked off! I cannot promise that this will continue throughout the season, but I am going to start with the Challenger match. Our trio of Jack, Jan & Dave got off to a flyer and led 13-1 at the halfway stage. Continued good play from our team saw the pressure maintained and an impressive first win of the season was secured 25-6. Our Captain, leader and all round fine man Derek Eldon, led his team to an even bigger win 30-6. (You may wonder why those glowing words so early in the season, but I had such a poor match, I am already grovelling to be included in next week’s team). Anyway where was I, ah yes 30-6, what a win and what a team effort. Velia’s team came out of the blocks at a rate of knots and led 12-3 at the halfway stage. Apart from a blip on the 11th end, where they dropped a 5, it was fairly plain sailing and they came in with a comfortable 22-12 victory. The last two matches to cover proved to be more difficult for the Opal teams. The match that I Skipped, saw one of the lowest scoring matches that I have ever been involved in, as we scraped over the line 11-10. After 9 ends we trailed 5-6 and went into the last end at 10-10. It was at this point Greg played his second good shot of the match, drawing within 4 inches of the jack, to secure the points. I have already mentioned my poor game, one good shot played at 11.36am, so how did we win. Praise has to go to Nige, who kept putting woods close to the jack and made life difficult for the El Cid team. So, how come we didn’t get a clean sweep and all 10 points on offer? John Coates team started OK and were level at 6-6 after 7 ends but then they dropped a 4 and the wheels seemed to come off. The final score was a disappointing 11-23 defeat.

Next week we are at home to Calpe.

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