RESULTS as of 30th August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?36261942923553194
3.Taylor Made362321138625648130
2.Rich Pickings3618018349342367
8. Los Bandidos361711829930535-6
7.Hissing Cid361701931734534-28
1. Mother Cluckers361441830733532-28
5.Premier Plus361602030234532-43
10.Cid Green361102524045422-214
6.Not so Mag 7361012527636021-84

RESULTS as of 27th August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?34241940222649176
3.Taylor Made342221036224446118
2.Rich Pickings34170173353223413
8. Los Bandidos341611728529133-6
7.Hissing Cid341601830132132-20
1. Mother Cluckers341341729231930-27
5.Premier Plus341501928733030-43
6.Not so Mag 7341012326233721-75
10.Cid Green341002422543920-214

RESULTS as of 23rd August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?32221937921845161
3.Taylor Made322021033623142105
2.Rich Pickings32160163222993223
7.Hissing Cid321601628729132-4
8. Los Bandidos321601626927332-4
5.Premier Plus321501727030830-38
1. Mother Cluckers321331627830029-22
10.Cid Green32902320642018-214
6.Not so Mag 732812323732217-85

RESULTS as of 20th August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?30201935720541152
3.Taylor Made30182103012203881
8. Los Bandidos3016014256247329
7.Hissing Cid3016014274272322
2.Rich Pickings30150153072703037
5.Premier Plus301401625229228-40
1. Mother Cluckers301231525428327-29
6.Not so Mag 730812122229817-76
10.Cid Green30802219239616-204

RESULTS as of 16th August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?28181933719137146
3.Taylor Made28162102752153460
8. Los Bandidos28160122452263219
7.Hissing Cid28160122582453213
2.Rich Pickings28140142952502845
5.Premier Plus281301523527426-39
1. Mother Cluckers281131423326825-35
6.Not so Mag 728712021027815-68
10.Cid Green28702117037314-203

RESULTS as of 13th August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?26170931217834134
3.Taylor Made26151102592013158
8. Los Bandidos26150112302133017
7.Hissing Cid26150112392273012
5.Premier Plus261301322524126-16
2.Rich Pickings26120142582392419
1. Mother Cluckers261031321225223-40
6.Not so Mag 726711820025615-56
10.Cid Green26701916034014-180

RESULTS as of 9th August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?24160828915932130
3.Taylor Made2414192421842958
7.Hissing Cid24140102202012819
8. Los Bandidos24130112132032610
5.Premier Plus241201220421824-14
1. Mother Cluckers241031119622623-30
2.Rich Pickings241001421223420-22
6.Not so Mag 724711619423815-44
10.Cid Green24701715029514-145

RESULTS as of 6th August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?22150727214030132
3.Taylor Made2212192131742539
7.Hissing Cid2212010202193249
8. Los Bandidos2212010192187245
5.Premier Plus221201019319824-5
1. Mother Cluckers22103918619623-10
2.Rich Pickings221001220221020-8
6.Not so Mag 722611517221913-47
10.Cid Green22601613227112-139

RESULTS as of 2nd August

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?20140625012928121
8. Los Bandidos2011091801672213
7.Hissing Cid2011091811702211
1. Mother Cluckers2010281741642210
5.Premier Plus20110916918222-13
3.Taylor Made2010191801642116
2.Rich Pickings20100101921792013
10.Cid Green20601412225112-129
6.Not so Mag 72041151532079-54

RESULTS as of 30th JULY

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?1812062141172497
7.Hissing Cid1811071661492217
3.Taylor Made1810171681492119
2.Rich Pickings1810081771572020
1. Mother Cluckers189271591472012
8. Los Bandidos18909159154185
5.Premier Plus1890914617518-29
10.Cid Green18501311022210-112
6.Not so Mag 71831141381897-51

RESULTS as of 26th JULY

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?1612042019424107
3.Taylor Made169161501331917
1. Mother Cluckers168261421241818
7.Hissing Cid169071491361813
8. Los Bandidos169071461361810
2.Rich Pickings16808152146166
5.Premier Plus1670912415814-34
10.Cid Green164012942028-108
6.Not so Mag 71631121221697-47

RESULTS as of 23rd JULY

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstPointsShot Diff
9. Who?1410041827820104
8. Los Bandidos149051351131822
3.Taylor Made148151351151720
7.Hissing Cid148061321221610
1. Mother Cluckers14716115115150
2.Rich Pickings147071371221415
5.Premier Plus1460810314012-37
6.Not so Mag 71430111061516-45
10.Cid Green143011781786-100


Team WHO?
Jeff Richards (BBC) Paul Trunchion & Geraldine Scutt (El Cid) Linda Richards & Greg Sperring (BBC)

Second Place 


Keith Hamilton, Brian & Tracy Butler (BBC) Dee Hamilton, Trefor Evans (BBC) Velia Wood, Brian Taylor

This very popular Annual event, dedicated to the memory of Elaine Taylor, came to an exciting conclusion as the 3 top teams battled it out for the last time. Team ‘Who?’ comprising Jeff & Linda Richards, Paul Trunchion, Greg Sperring and Geraldine Scutt consolidated their dominance of this tournament by winning their last 2 matches 11-5 shots and 16-4 shots, giving them 53 points overall, 4 clear of their nearest rivals ‘Taylor Made’. ‘Taylor Made’ (Brian Taylor, Dee & Keith Hamilton, Tracy & Brian Butler, Velia Wood and last but not least, Trefor Evans) and ‘Magners’ (Roy Lees, Jean McLaughlin, Chris Salter, Jane & Dick Baron, Brenda Burgess and Mark Ivory) were swapping 2nd and 3rd positions for the last 4 weeks of play, but in the end ‘Taylor Made’ prevailed on 48 points, pipping ‘Magners’ by just 1 point. Whilst we were all tucking into the BBQ, free to every player who took part, the prize giving took place. Team ’Who?’ as overall winners each received a pair of very tasteful Cut Glass Brandy Glasses on a commemorative stand, plus a bottle of Cava and a cash prize. Second-placed ‘Taylor Made’ each received a single Cut Glass Brandy Glass on a commemorative stand, a bottle of Cava and a cash prize. Third-placed ‘Magners’ won a bottle of Cava each. The rest of the players in the tournament received a consolation prize of a bottle of wine. As Sponsor of the event, Brian Taylor donated the Green free of charge, well done that Man! Thanks go to Ken Davey and John Pittaway, who between them ran the Thursday Night Pairs Section. A big well done goes to Jan Bigsby (Catering) and Christine Schulein (Bar) for keeping us all fed and watered in the searing heat of the Summer. Jonathan Barr took care of the Photocalls of the winning teams, thanks Jonathan. Lastly, the success of any Tournament is down to the organisation behind the scenes, many thanks go to Dee and Keith Hamilton for all their hard work in ensuring a well run event, and on top of that, in overseeing the Triples Section on a Monday. The new format of Triples and Pairs, went down well with the Players as did the re-introduction of Prizes rather than just Cash.

GAMES REPORT week ending 23rd August

Report by Yvonne Carvath

A clear pattern has now emerged, as the end of the penultimate week of competition sees the same three teams in the same order of ranking. Still up there on 45 points (161 shots) are ‘Who?’ tenaciously hanging on to the top spot. ‘Magners’ are still chasing and are not far away on 43 points (78 shots), so they hold on to second place. Coming in third are ‘Taylor Made’ on 42 points but they have upped their shot difference to 105. It is apparent this competition is going to the wire as it is still possible for changes of fortune between these three teams. It will be very interesting to see what the last week of play will bring.

Now for a few logistics, please note……

On the final day of play, Thursday, Aug. 30th, Play will start at 6.30p.m. with back to back matches. There is a complimentary meal on offer for all Players, a list is now up, so please tick your choice from:- Hot Dog Beefburger or Chicken & Salad. Please note that guests are welcome but must pay 4.50 Euros for their meal. (Also note if you have ticked a choice but fail to turn up, there will be charge of 4.50 Euros to cover catering costs). It is anticipated the Food service will be at around 9p.m.

The Grand Finale will be the Prize presentations to the top teams, BUT I have it on good authority that there will be a consolation prize for each and every Player who has taken part.

GAMES REPORT week ending 16th August

Report by Yvonne Carvath

28 Matches have been played so far and there are just 4 more to go. The top of the table couldn’t be tighter, team ‘Who?’ have now been caught by ‘Magners. At 37 points apiece they are now only separated by shot difference, but ‘Who?’ have amassed a massive 146 shots versus ‘Magners’ 62, so are still in the top spot. Now trailing on 34 points, ‘Taylor Made’ are still hanging on to third position in the rankings. Can ‘Who?’ pull away again from ‘Magners’ or will ‘Magners’ continue their excellent run of wins and gain the high ground? Can ‘Taylor Made’ make up lost ground? It looks like there is going to be an exciting finish to this tournament, it’s not over yet!

GAMES REPORT week ending 9th August

Report by Yvonne Carvath

Whilst team ‘Who?’ are still out in front with 32 points, there are a couple of teams who are gradually narrowing down their point advantage. Both ‘Taylor Made’ and ‘Magners’ are now on 29 points, just 3 shy of the Leaders, ‘Taylor Made’ with a shot difference of 58 claim the second slot with ‘Magners’ in third slot with a 38 shot difference. These 3 teams are now the ones to beat and ‘Hissing CID’ and ‘Los Bandidos’ on 28 and 26 points respectively now have 3 weeks of play left to try and climb back up the greasy pole. It’s a big ask now for the rest of the field to catch up, but by claiming a few victories they could well upset the apple-cart of some of the top teams, so keep going mis amigos – it’s not over, even if it’s pride at stake now and not prizes.

GAMES REPORT week ending 2nd August

Report by Yvonne Carvath

Team ‘Who?’ are continuing to grow their lead, with 28 points they are 6 ahead of their nearest rivals. They also have an amazing shot difference advantage of 121. There are five teams who all have 22 points apiece with only shot difference separating them and each week the second and third spots are continually fluctuating between these squads in the main. Making it to second spot this week though are ‘Los Bandidos’ with a shot difference of 13, very closely followed by ‘Magners’ with a 12 shot difference to their name. At the moment it looks like the battle is for the 2nd and 3rd places, with so many teams in very close contention. The big question is – can anyone stop ‘Who?’ continuing their excellent run so far? Well it wont be for want of trying as the competition is fierce…. so it’s not over yet by any means.

GAMES REPORT week ending 26th July

Report by Yvonne Carvath

At the end of week 4 there is one team that is beginning to gain ascendancy and they are team ‘Who?’, they have now amassed 24 points, 5 ahead of their nearest rivals ‘Taylor Made’ who currently have 19 points to their name, with 4 teams hot on their tail with 18 points, however in 3rd place at the moment on equal shot difference is ‘Mother Cluckers’ & ‘Magners’.

There are 5 weeks of play left, can anyone close the gap on ‘Who?’ and can ‘Taylor Made’ hang onto second place with so many teams biting at their heels – watch this space and see what the next week of play brings…..

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