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October 2020
Dear Javea Green Member
Well we have managed to get through the Holiday season without a single case of Covid 19 in our world of bowls. We want to keep it that way and so I have listed below the LLB Covid Protocol with small changes made by your Committee to enhance your safety.
Please read and follow the document when you play bowls at Javea Green Bowls Club. Sanitisers are always available from the Inn on the Green or the Casita.
Please help and protect yourself and others by using the Protocol and the sanitisers provided.
Thank you and enjoy your bowling at our club.
Kind regards
Keith Hamilton
JGBC Club Captain
Keith Hamilton, Club Captain • (0034) 634 359 415


Summary for translation and presentation to the Town Hall

JGBC Note:The Club and Management have added enhanced suggestions based on the facilities at the premises (IOTG). These add-ons are shown in italics

Lawn Bowls is a sport predominantly played by people over 65 years of age. The objective of this protocol is to provide a safe environment in which these federated bowlers may play league or other matches against different clubs while there is still the issue of Covid 19. This means:
  • Social distancing should be maintained whenever possible of at least 5m
  • It is recommended that players wear face masks but it is not compulsory.
  • Players will sanitise their hands on arriving at the venue, before leaving the venue and regularly during the stay. IOTG venue has equipment in place.
  • Equipment to be used will be kept to a minimum, with the minimum number of people handling it and no personal equipment being shared,
  • All match equipment will be sanitised before and after a match. JGBC has sprays, wipes, & spray chalk. Sanitising of all equipment should be carried out in the courtyard to ovoid possible damage to the green.
  • There will be no physical contact between players who are not from the same household.
This is a minimum protocol which must be applied. This protocol will apply to all league matches and any match which comes under the direction of the LLB. The LLB may impose sanctions on any club or bowler found not abiding by this protocol.
No spectators will be allowed in the immediate vicinity of the rinks and the number of players will be restricted to that allowed by law in the relevant area. Reserves should sit away from the playing area wherever possible. The ‘vicinity of the rink’ is the green carpet joining the rink. Spectators could use tables and choirs behind the rinks not in use, without wearing a mask, otherwise use the courtyard. To enable track and trace, complete records of players and rinks will be maintained throughout the season and for 3 weeks after the end of the season.
The use of surgical gloves is optional, but these must be sanitised in the same way as hands.
Protocol in Detail Before traveling to the venue
  1. Players must have their own mask and should ensure they have their own hand sanitiser. No equipment may be shared so players should ensure they have everything they It is recommended that all personal equipment is sanitised before and after a match. Gloves are optional but must be sanitised in the same way as hands.
  2. No one with any symptoms of a fever or dry cough should enter the premises. If you feel unwell do not travel and inform your squad captain. The IOTG venue has a ‘pistol type’ thermometer.
Responsibilities of home venue
  1. Sanitiser will be provided at the entrance/exit of the venue and at each end of every rink being The IOTG and JGBC has equipment in place.
  2. The home venue is responsible for ensuring all equipment to be used during the match is sanitised before use and placed at each The designated people should wear gloves to do this which must be disposed of carefully after use. If gloves not used the hands will be sanitised. The Squad Captain will request volunteers from the squad to arrive early to sanitise bowls equipment.
  3. Only the calipers and long measure from the umpire’s kit may be used and these must be sanitised before the start of the match. In relation to the long measure, the case and end of the tape only to be
  4. One jack will be provided for each lead, preferably different colours. JGBC have white & yellow.
  5. Where a club has sufficient mats at their disposal, 4 mats will be provided for each rink, 2 at each end, preferably of different colours for the home and away teams. BBC have Yellow & Blue, JGBC have red and blue. Where different colours cannot be provided the letters H and A will be put on the mats using permanent marker pen to distinguish between use by the Home team or by the Away team. Where only 2 mats can be provided see point 1 under During Play.
Arriving at the venue
  1. Where there is more than one entrance players must use the allocated gate to enter the bowls green. Both entrances at 1OTG venue have sanitising equipment.
  2. Face masks must be worn on arrival at the venue and maybe removed once on the area of play. Should it be necessary to leave the area of play for any reason a face mask must be worn. The area of play at 10TG starts once you have passed through the entrance to the green behind rink 3.
  3. The Squad captains must sanitise their hands before and after completing the rink selection process and scorecards and must use their own scorecard holder. Club scorecard holders must not be used and the cards must be retained by the squad captain until the rinks are announced.
Before Play
  1. The home Squad Captain must remind everyone that they must abide by the protocol and that skips need to agree the scorecard at the conclusion of each
  2. Where possible, rinks should be announced before entering the bowls green with the furthest rinks being announced
  3. The visiting team lead must be shown which jack is to be theirs for the They will be responsible for collecting that jack once scoring has been completed each end.
  4. Scorecards are to be handed to the skips of each rink who must use their own personal scorecard holders and
During Play
  1. Placing/picking up the mat — each team will have their own mat and hands should be sanitised before the mat is Where more than one mat per end is not possible, the lead from the home team and the home skip will be responsible for placing/picking up the mat and will sanitise their hands after each action.
  2. Centring the jack — the skip must do that using their if for any reason the skip has to touch the jack with his hand, he must sanitise his hands afterwards.
  3. Changing (BBC suggest the home team (red) walking on the left side ‘up’ and right ‘down; the away team (blue) walking on the right side ‘up’ and the left ‘down’.
  4. Touchers— these may be marked using spray chalk or a chalk pen (BBC will supply home team with spray chalk which should be returned to squad captain at the end of the match.
  5. Ditch markers — to be placed/removed by the home team members only and hands to be sanitised afterwards.
  6. Bowls and/or jack in the ditch or out of play – the player removing them must sanitise their hands before and
  7. Measuring – to be undertaken by one member of each team sanitising their hands before and Using own measure.
  8. Pushers—these will be used by the home team for odd ends and the away team for even ends, by pre-designated players on each Others must assist by kicking bowls back. If any other person needs to use it for any reason, they must sanitise their hands afterwards and the handle of the pusher must be re-sanitised. !BBC suggest one player to work pusher from either home or away team.
  9. The home team will determine whether the scoreboards will be used. Where this is the case they will be updated by the home team only. Skips should always agree the score on their cards every end. if the scorecards do not agree at the end of the match and a solution cannot be reached by the two skips the result for that rink will be excluded from the score for both sides. No additional penalty will be incurred. JGBC suggest one player to alter scoreboard from either home or away team.
End of Play
  1. Scorecards must be agreed by the two skips and each must sign their own card.
  2. In order that afternoon games are not held up, players must change their shoes and collect all their personal belongings as quickly as possible using either end of the green if they feel necessary.
  3. Players must sanitise their hands on leaving the green using their own sanitiser or that provided by the
  4. No afternoon player may enter the green until it is completely clear of the morning
  5. All personal rubbish must be taken away from the venue and disposed of properly by the individual.
  6. All equipment is to be left in situ tidily at one end of the rink. The designated people from the home team will collect the equipment and sanitise it. Where there is an afternoon game the designated people from that afternoon team will be responsible for sanitising all of the equipment before play commences and at the end. When sanitising equipment, gloves should be worn and disposed of safely after use.
Record Keeping
The captain of each team must retain a record of who played on which rink for the whole season and for 3 weeks after the end of the season. Should a squad member be diagnosed with Covidl9 the squad captain must be informed. He is responsible for informing the Club Committee and the opposition squad captain. The Captains must inform Bob Donnelly immediately. All squad members must be informed. JGBC members to inform Club Secretory and Captain. They will contact Bob Donnelly.
Drinks and Tables
  1. Individuals will be responsible for identifying and safeguarding their own drinks. Tables at IOTG venue are reserved for players on numbered No food allowed. No visitors to use them.
  2. Tables and Chairs will be thoroughly cleaned by IOTG staff before morning and afternoon use.
  3. Notices will be fixed to table tops informing user of table and chair cleaning schedule.
  4. At those venues where individuals may bring their own drinks, these must be kept in their respective bowls
  5. After game meal. IOTG/JGBC will accommodate any preferred seating plan. e.g. as current layout with opponents on same table as home team; some car travellers; home team for two rinks together and two away teams together (six per table). Any other sensible suggestion. Common sense to apply at all times. All players to sanitise hands before sitting at a meal table.
  6. IOTG staff clean and sanitise these regularly from first time in morning, during the day and finally last thing in evening.
  7. Sanitising – The IOTG has a large stock of sanitising fluid/gels together with wipes.

Additional information for clubs

Any individual or club who disregards the protocol may be subject to sanctions by the LLB which could involve expulsion from the league.
Common Sense
Common sense must prevail, and players should politely remind each other about the protocol if necessary. We are all getting older and will forget something from time to time, especially when getting involved in a match. Issues that continue should be referred to the skips on the rink and then to the squad captains.
Town Hall Approval
To safeguard the owners and committee of each club, it is highly recommended that the summary of this protocol at least is approved by their local Town Hall before leagues and competitions begin. This is especially important where the club has not previously had a protocol approved.
As agreed and accepted at LLB Meeting on 25″ August 2020


Our Club Members sporting the new colours of Javea Green Bowls Club.

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